Fall Mantle Time!

Oh how I yearn for fall weather to be here. I’m willing it into existence by decorating and turning on my pumpkin roll Scentsy!

I always look forward to decorating my mantle! I just kept dreaming of fall, so I rummaged around my house to find some “fall-spiration”. I also hit up Et Cetera, the local thrift store because I was determined to find a bird house and some candle sticks.  Well, I found one candle stick there, and I painted it white (I didn’t do that great of a job though). I then went on down the street to some antique stores and found the little yellow pitcher. I had a few other pitchers at home (the orange and brown ones) so I thought I’d make that a theme! All in all, I had fun doing some thrifting to make my home feel like the new season I’m waiting for!


Fall Mantle - 01


I found this yellow pitcher in an antique store! I thought it would go well with my orange and brown ones, which make for perfect fall colors! The books were a find from an estate sale. I thought they’d look great on my bookshelf, so I stole a few for the season. I found the blue stand at another antique store that I’d never been to! I fell in love instantly! There were THREE stories of marvelousness! The stand was the perfect fit for my candle stick dream!  My friend gave me the owl, which I love putting out this time of year! It always looks great on my mantle!

Fall Mantle - 02

Fall Mantle - 03

Fall Mantle - 04


Sierra is making her blog debut… see her tail?

Fall Mantle - 05

Fall Mantle - 06


Here’s my one candle stick find! It was just wood so I spiced it up a little by painting it white. I think maybe the poor paint job can be translated into shabby chic! I made that frame with burlap and lace for a women’s reception at church. I just took off the sign on it and stuck it up on the mantle!

Fall Mantle - 07


My antique store find! I love this little yellow pitcher! The books are from an estate sale that I got for my bookcase… ya know, so I look smart when people come over. My granny has told me that having books on bookshelves will make you look smart. She probably put it in a more wise sounding way, so I’m paraphrasing!

Fall Mantle - 08


Oh birdhouses… I’ve been eyeing the birdhouses at Hobby Lobby for quite some time, but they didn’t have just what I wanted. So, I bought one at Wal-Mart and had my husband paint it. He’s much better than I am at that kind of thing. He has this virtue called patience. I want the paint to dry instantly so I can add another coat. I’m still in the process of hot gluing the twigs on the roof as you can tell, but I was just too eager to get my mantle done! Again, patience, the virtue I lack.

Fall Mantle - 09


I decorated a TON of mason jars for the women’s reception with burlap, pearls and ribbon. So what better way to use it than to add it to the mantle! Along with the candle stick, I purchased a wicker cornucopia that will be useful for the whole fall season into Thanksgiving! I stuffed my age old flowers in there that I purchased in college. I even loved fall decor then!

Fall Mantle - 10


I traded out my lacy, teal pillow for my fall-esque red one! I was sad to put away all my teal, but I’ll enjoy seeing it next year! Again, I used some of my MANY mason jars to decorate with. The painting was given to us by Richie’s relative, Sherry Alexander, who paints breathtaking scenes! I was excited to display it out in my living room for fall as I had it in our bedroom.

Fall Mantle - 11


A closer look.



My first Maternity Photo Session!




My beautiful cousin Sarah and her sweet family let me have the honor of taking their maternity pictures/family photos. It was such a sweet session, and as you can see, they are all so gorgeous! They made it easy on me! Baby Ethan is coming in July, and I can’t wait to meet him!

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Taylor + Trent

Taylor has been one of my best friends for a LONG time. We met back in the day at girl scout camp, became pen pals and then started seeing each other a lot more when we started driving. I consider Taylor to be my sister, which we tried to convince her class that we were sisters back in the 7th or 8th grade (I think they believed us…. for a second), and she is the sweetest, most southern girl I know. She claims to have coined the term “Hey y’all” which I concur with!  Anyway, I seriously could not be more excited to share these with you because I am so happy for my girl Tayla. I had the pleasure of meeting Trent on the day of the engagement pictures, and I must say that they are a perfect couple. I also had the honor of designing their save the date, which you can see at the end of the post. Please enjoy!
























Times are a changin’

I’ve made a deal with myself to try out actually blogging. As in writing about what I’m doing and the works, which trust me…won’t be much. Maybe we can all find some entertainment in it though! Sadly, I believe my photography posts will be dwindling. I have a few that will come up in time, but I will spread them out so that you’ll keep coming back!

This summer has brought on many changes. One, a quite important one I might add, is that I got married on June 12 to Mr. Alexander! We flew to Jamaica for the honeymoon, and then we headed North to Kansas. We are currently residents of Newton, KS. A quaint town that is full of trains and adorable Main Street shops. Richie and I have started our lives together here and are enjoying it! I began my quest of cooking and decorating, which I’m not to bad at! I like trying out new recipes so if I come across a great one, then I’ll post it for you to try!

So here’s a to a rough start of a blog-like appearance while taking a look through my lens!

Krystal Krug!

Krystal and I did our shoot quite some time ago, however, I’m just getting them up. We had fun enjoying OSU’s campus on a beautiful spring day. Missing that cool weather now! Congrats, Krystal!


Madeline Jones

Baby Maddie is just absolutely precious! She’s three months old and beutiful. The Jones and I set out to the Botanical Gardens in Stillwater on the most perfect day May has ever offered! It was still, peaceful and cool. The perfect evening for a sweet little girl to get her picture taken!

The Prentice Family!


The members of the Prentice family are natives to Stillwater, OK. I met them when I started college about 5 years ago through the BCM. I’ve also gotten to know them well through Eagle Heights and Boston trips! This family is an amazing example in portraying Christ in every aspect of life, loving others regardlessly and SO many other things. I’m thankful for the Prentice’s and will always have an extremely special place in my heart for them!